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Taking a scoop of pulled pork dip, the mozzarella cheese is creating strings.


Check out our appetizers! They’re the perfect start to any meal. Whether you want something simple like pulled pork dip or a bit fancier (sous vide chicken wings) , we’ve got plenty of options. So go ahead and find your next favorite snack in our appetizer collection.

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Bread Machine

Discover the joy of homemade bread with these bread machine recipes. Whether you’re a fan of fluffy white bread, rye bread, sweet banana bread, or tangy sourdough, you can find them all here!

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Overhead view of bread machine banana bread.

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Bottles of fermented mango habanero sauce.

Dips, Spreads, + Sauces

Find a diverse array of flavors from spicy long-fermented homemade hot sauces that will fire up your taste buds, to smoky salsas that add a rustic touch to your dishes. Don’t miss out on our sweet jellies and jams, perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to your meals or snacks.

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Elevated Ingredients

Celebrate the magic of homemade ingredients that can transform your everyday recipes into culinary masterpieces. Discover how to make sun-dried tomatoes that burst with concentrated flavor, smoked garlic that adds a new depth to your dishes, and flavored salts that bring a unique twist to your meals.

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Overhead view of sun-dried tomatoes in oil.
Cranberry kombucha in two glasses with ice and frozen berries.


Quench your thirst with our variety of refreshing and flavorful beverages. From the tangy, probiotic-rich kombucha to the smooth and robust cold brew coffee, there’s something for everyone. Don’t forget to try our homemade hard seltzers, the perfect balance of fizzy and boozy for a fun twist.

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Main Dishes

An assortment of hearty and mouthwatering meals that are sure to impress. Dive into the smoky goodness of our smoked burgers, or indulge in the succulent tenderness of a sous vide prime rib. Explore the robust flavors of a cross rib roast, or try your hand at making a delicious donair.

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Two smoked burgers in a basket.
Overhead view of pasta salad with steak in a bowl.


find vibrant and diverse salads that go beyond the ordinary. Try the hearty Steak House Pasta Salad for a filling meal, or indulge in the delightful combination of earthy beets and tangy goat cheese in our Beet and Goat Cheese Salad. Don’t miss out on our Creamy Cucumber Salad, a refreshing side that’s perfect for any occasion.

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Side Dishes

Elevate your main course to new heights. Discover the smoky delight of Brussels sprouts with a twist, or the perfectly cooked and flavorful sous vide green beans. Experience the spicy kick of our Pepper Jack Mac and more. These aren’t just supporting players on your plate; they’re stars in their own right.

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Close up of Traeger roasted asparagus.
Ground beef jerky sticks in a mason jar.


An array of tasty treats that are perfect for satisfying those mid-day cravings or serving at your next gathering. From the savory Ground Beef Jerky Sticks to the cheesy and crispy Air Fryer Pizza Rolls, these snacks are sure to be a hit. Don’t forget to try our Smoked Cheez-Its for a smoky twist on a classic favorite.

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Soups + Stews

comforting and hearty dishes that will warm your heart and soul. Experience the rich flavors of our Smoked French Onion soup, the creamy delight of Potato and Bacon soup, or the homey goodness of our Instant Pot Chicken Noodle soup.

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Smoked french onion soup in a mason jar.
Baked sourdough in blue dutch oven.

Sourdough Bread

Dive into the rich history and tradition of sourdough bread. Sourdough isn’t just about great taste, with its unique airy texture and satisfyingly crackly crust, but the process of sourdough baking. Try cinnamon raisin, jalapeno cheddar, or even chocolate sourdough!

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Treats + Desserts

This is where sweet dreams come true. Indulge in the rich, fudgy goodness of our Sourdough Brownies, or cool off with our smooth and creamy Sous Vide Ice Cream. And of course, what treat section would be complete without the classic Chocolate Chip Cookies?

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6 sourdough brownies lined up in rows with one missing a bite.

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