Baked sourdough chocolate babka in a cast iron skillet.


Explore nearly 300 recipes designed to help you mix up the menu

Ally, creator of Crave The Good, holding a tray of unbaked cookies.

Hi there!

I’m Ally

I’m the food lover and recipe creator here in the Crave Kitchen!

I aim to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and to try new things in the kitchen. I’ll provide you with the knowledge to become a more confident, adventurous cook. Read more…

Latest stories

Ally, creator of Crave The Good, holding a tray of unbaked cookies.


I’m Ally

Latest stories

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Homemade rosemary salt in glass spice jars.

Elevated Ingredients

These homemade wonders are your secret weapons for infusing dishes with unparalleled taste and personality.

Turn your kitchen into the stage for tasty culinary showstoppers, starring none other than—you guessed it—homemade ingredients that are about to seriously jazz up your cooking playlist.

Fermented jalapenos in jars.

Fun Ferments

These recipes showcase the art of fermentation, a timeless technique used to preserve food, improve its nutrient availability, and enhance the flavor profile. Whether you’re crafting zesty sauerkraut or fermenting kombucha in your kitchen, these recipes provide step-by-step instructions for creating delicious and healthy fermented foods.

Baked Beauties

Welcome to your go-to spot for the world of baking, a cozy corner that’s all about sharing the love for everything oven-kissed! Whether you’re craving the rustic charm of a freshly baked bread, the irresistible allure of cookies that are just the right mix of sweet and chewy, the comforting fluffiness of a batch of muffins, or really, any treat that’s been lucky enough to bask in the oven’s glow, you’ve come to the right place.