Hi, I’m Ally

Resident recipe developer, writer, food stylist, and photographer here in the Crave kitchen.

Crave The Good is a great place for adventurous home cooks like you to find delicious, interesting recipes to help mix up the menu and keep things fresh in the kitchen!

Whether you’re into 72 hour pizza dough, long slow smokes on the Traeger, like my low and slow smoked pork butt, fostering living colonies of beneficial probiotics in your very own fermented hot sauce, or you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth for fudgy, decadent sourdough brownies, there’s something here for you.

Ally, creator of Crave The Good, holding a tray of unbaked cookies.

What You Can Expect From Me!

  • Step By Step Photos – Each recipe is accompanied by a step by step photo guide and clear directions to help you nail that recipe the first time, and every time!
  • Ingredients Listed In Instructions – I’ve written the newest recipes on Crave to have the ingredient measurements both in the ingredient list as well as within the instructions to help keep your cooking process streamlined and eliminate trying to scroll around with dirty hands. Old recipes will be updated as time allows!
  • Quality Recipes That Past The Test – All of the recipes published here have been through testing here in the Crave kitchen. Not only are they tested for performance, but also by my team of taste testers who take their job very seriously.
  • In Depth Guides – I’ll provide you with in-depth knowledge on a variety of topics that can help improve your understanding, confidence, and creativity in the kitchen, especially when it comes to complicated processes.
Decorated crust of the sourdough loaf.
let’s rewind

I left my parents’ nest at 18 to go to post-secondary and I didn’t know how to cook, and if you had told me back then that one day I’d be making a living cooking I would have told you that your time traveler was broken! HA!

I met my husband, and I still did not know how to cook. Thankfully, Kevin is an excellent cook, or else we’d have starved! He actually taught me to cook, and the most amazing thing happened.

I loved it.

I became so passionate about food, about cooking, and about trying new things.

It’s been nearly two decades in the making, but I have taught myself skills I would have never imagined having, how to turn simple ingredients into delicious dishes, and how to use those things as a vehicle for connecting with and inspiring others.

why crave the good?

I started sharing recipes out of the Crave Kitchen as a creative outlet almost 10 years ago when I was a stay-at-home mom of two littles. It slowly evolved from a food diary into its current form over the years and I evolved along with it. My photography improved, my recipe writing improved, and my free time also improved!

The thing that drives me every single day is being creative, trying new recipes and flavors, experiencing new things, and learning new skills.

What Do I Do When I’m Not In The Kitchen?

We’ve actually been working very hard to turn our acreage into a homestead. I’ve got a flock of chickens, a large garden, a number of food forests, we raise pigs each summer, and my husband is dreaming of a dairy cow!

If you want to follow along with that journey and own your food cycle from growing, to harvesting, to preserving, to cooking, you can check out my other blog at Boreal Bloom Homestead!

Fun Facts About Me

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tickling my chickens

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classic rock

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my family

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my homestead

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