Best Bread Machine Recipes

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Here’s my take on a best bread machine recipe list. They’re quick, they’re easy, and they’re all delicious!

Bread machines are one of the best inventions for busy people who love bread. You can have fresh homemade bread ready in just a few hours with less than 5 minutes hands on time.

They also make it easy for people who lack bread making skills (this was me, for years, and years, and years) to make incredibly yummy homemade bread. And even though I love baking bread now, like no knead bread, or one of my many sourdough recipes, I still regularly use my bread maker. My favorite recipes are the ones on this list!

There are all kinds of bread machine recipes to choose from, so take a peek at this recipe collection to see if any of them tickle your fancy.

If you’re a beginner, I’d recommend starting with some simple, fluffy white or whole wheat bread recipes. Once you get the hang of things, try out some more complicated recipes, like cardamom cranberry!

Cross section of bread machine bread.
Best Bread Machine Recipe
This white bread machine recipe is made with unbleached all-purpose flour or bread flour! You'll love this easy, sandwich-ready loaf of yummy goodness because it's perfect for sandwiches, toast, or dipping into a homemade soup! This fluffy white bread can be made using the basic or rapid cycle on your bread machine.
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Overhead view of honey whole wheat bread.
Honey Whole Wheat Bread
This recipe will have you hooked! It's simple and easy to make, but it has the rich flavor of whole wheat that is so satisfying. The delicate sweetness from honey adds an incredible depth while still being airy enough for a sandwich or as toast with jam – this bread machine recipe makes a whole wheat bread that's fluffy as white sandwich bread!
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Sliced bread machine cheese bread showing the dark crust and orange tinged crumb.
Bread Machine Cheese Bread
Bread machine cheese bread is loaded with cheddar cheese, butter, and delicious. This cheesy bread will make your mouth water just by looking at it. It has a rich, moist texture and hints of cheddar cheese in every bite! If you're looking for the perfect way to satisfy your cravings, this bread machine recipe is worth checking out. It has a rich cheesy taste that will leave any cheese lover happy and full.
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Sliced rye bread.
Bread Machine Rye Bread
There are few things more satisfying than the taste of fresh baked rye bread. This easy to make bread machine rye recipe will have you ready in no time at all with its rich and aromatic flavor that is unparalleled. Rye bread is darker in color due to the addition of caraway seeds and molasses. The caraway seeds add a nice savory flavor to the bread, while the molasses gives it a sweet and rich taste. It only takes a few minutes to mix up this bread machine recipe, and you're sure to love it.
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Cross section of a loaf of bread machine sourdough.
Bread Machine Sourdough
Bread machine sourdough is light, airy, and delicious with a perfectly crisp crust. I bet you didn't know it was so easy to make bread maker sourdough! This recipe uses sourdough discard for a tender crumb and has a soft butter basted crust. This sourdough bread machine recipe is perfect if you've got more sourdough discard than you know what to do with. The sourdough discard gives the bread a really nice flavor and helps it to stay moist for days. I highly recommend taking this recipe for a spin!
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Cardamom Cranberry Bread. This bread has just the right amount of spice and is studded with plump dried cranberries. Get ready for the best toast of your life! |
Cardamom Cranberry Bread
This easy cardamom cranberry bread machine recipe is simply incredible. It's got the unique flavor and scent of cardamom, sweet dried cranberries to make it extra yummy! And a tender crumb that will have you coming back for seconds (and thirds). Cardamom is a strong, fragrant spice with a slightly sweet taste. If you're looking for something different in your bread machine recipes, this cardamom cranberry bread is definitely worth trying out! You'll love the sweet and tart flavors together.
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Everything Bagel Bread in a cast iron dutch oven.
Everything Bagel Bread
This recipe for Everything Bagel Bread is a hybrid of the best parts: convenience, ease and flavor. Simply add the ingredients to the bread machine in the order listed, select the dough cycle, and once it's complete, turn it out onto a floured surface, shape then allow it to rise for the final time. Bake it in a cast iron dutch oven, and you'll be blown away with the results!
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Homemade Hamburger Buns
This recipe is definitely more complex than most bread machine recipes. It involves a making a sponge, shaping buns, egg washing and adding sesame seeds (everything bagel seasoning would be delicious too) before the final rise and bake. Despite the extra work, they are truly delicious! These homemade hamburger buns are delicious, hearty, and will hold any filling you throw at it from hamburgers to pulled pork. Using your bread machine just makes the process even easier!
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