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About Me

Ally, the creator at crave the good holding a baking sheet with unbaked cookies.

hi there, i'm ally.

ally @

I'm from a small town in Northern Alberta, where we say Eh! and use superfluous Us. I live on coffee, enjoy a dry red wine, and might own every small appliance on the market.

No. 1 --> what is crave the good?

Crave The Good is a place where I share GOOD food. It's my goal to bring you adventurous and delicious recipes that leave you saying "damn, that's good!"

But here's the thing: good food isn't about being the best cook (which I am not) with the most impeccable knife skills (which I do not possess). Good food is about transforming something into more than the sum of its parts.

Good food, to me, is being creative and trying new recipes and flavours, even if some of them flop! Good food is about the connection that comes intrinsically when you share with other people you love. Good food is about the memories made with my kids mixing cookies and sneaking chocolate chips. Good food is about the feeling you get when your friends show up for dinner with huge grins and hungry bellies.

Besides.... you can't just eat good food. You've gotta talk about it too!

No. 2 --> check out my favourite recipes:

You'll often find me in the kitchen, wearing a band tee from a rock concert, singing into a wooden spoon, and making a mess. Check out what I'm cookin' these days

GOOD FOOD Collection

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I LOVE connecting with my readers! I share new and updated recipes across my social media channels.

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No. 4 --> need to get in touch?

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out.


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Crave The Good strives to produce unique and adventurous recipes that make you say "damn, that's good!"

If you believe in delicious, homemade food that's perfect for sharing, we should work together.

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