{Paleo} Easy Roasted Beets

It’s Girl’s Weekend this weekend, and my mom requested my beet salad. I knew I had to one- up my last beet salad because there would be 10 of us enjoying it. I stopped at the Farmer’s Market to buy locally grown beets this time. Check out this giant bunch of beets!

Paleo Roasted Beets

I didn’t know what to do with all those beets and greens. So I decided to lop off the greens and dehydrate the leaves and stems. They are at home in the dehydrator under Kevin’s (not so) watchful eye. That will be another post for another day!

When I posted a while ago my recipe for goat cheese and beet salad. It’s so delicious and easy. Prior to this, I had never roasted a beet!

easy paleo roasted beets

What I didn’t know at the time was that beets are messy. Like seriously messy! My fingers are still red, the next day, and underneath my fingernails is a real disaster. But, roasted beets are worth it!

All you have to do is wrap them in foil, throw them in the oven and wait patiently. I’ve found the easiest way to peel them is to run the warm/hot beets under cold water and rub the skin – if they are cooked well enough, the skin will rub right off.

easy paleo roasted beets

We’ve really embraced beet salad in our house, but they are actually really tasty just on their own! Kevin’s mom mentioned to me that she used to eat a beet green salad, I am adding that to my must try list.

My beets are packed and ready for Girl’s Weekend!

easy paleo roasted beets


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