How To Use Banneton Baskets

Banneton baskets (or simply bannetons) are also known as brotforms and proofing baskets. While they are not specifically necessary to bake beautiful artisan bread, they are definitely helpful in achieving perfect loaves.

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Types Of Bannetons

Cane/Rattan: Are the most common style of banneton, usually reasonably priced, durable, and easy to clean. Wood Pulp: Are made with wood pulp or recycled wood materials. They are not as long lasting or as easy to clean as the cane bannetons.

Lined Vs Unlined 

Lined bannetons will give a smooth surfaced dough, ideal for intricate scoring patterns, while an unlined banneton will showcase the spiral or parallel lines of the proofing basket in the final dough.

Prepare For First Use

1. Wipe the entire surface with a damp cloth.  2. Dry with a kitchen towel.  3. Sprinkle basket with rice flour and set aside to dry.

Proofing Basket Care

After each use, tap out excess flour, and allow to dry completely dry for 1-2 days.