Delicious SMOKED HAM

Delicious SMOKED HAM

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Prep Time: 5 Min

– 1 bone-in ham shank – 1 litre pineapple juice, divided – 1 cup of smoked peach jam, or apricot jelly

Cook Time: 6-7 hours


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Step 1

SCORE IT. Score your ham in a cross hatch pattern

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Step 2

SMOKE IT.  Place your ham cut side down on the middle rack of your smoker and smoke at 225f until it reaches an internal temp of 130f (about 4 hours - depending on size)

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Step 3

SPRITZ IT. While the ham is smoking, spritz it with pineapple juice every 60 or so minutes

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Step 4 

GLAZE IT! Once the smoked ham reaches 130f IT, mix 1 cup of jelly with 1/4 cup of pineapple juice and glaze the whole ham. Increate the temperature to 300f and smoke for 30 minutes. 

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Step 5

GLAZE IT TWICE! After 30 minutes at 300f, glaze the ham again and increase the temperature to 350f. Cook for another 30 minutes. 

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Step 6 

CHECK IT. At this point, the temperature should be 145 - 150f, if not keep on smoking until it reaches at least 145f. 

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Step 7

REST IT.  Once the ham has reached an internal temperature of 145-150f, remove it from the smoker. Tent it with foil and rest 15 minutes before carving. 

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Step 8

DEVOUR IT.  After resting for 15 minutes, carve that delicious ham and enjoy! 

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