How To Make Orange Vinegar

Kick the chemicals to the curb this year with an easy to make  multipurpose orange vinegar 

Prep Time:  10 Min

brew Time:  28 days


- vinegar - oranges

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Step 1

PREPARE THE ORANGES. Wash the oranges well in hot soapy water to remove any preservative waxes, herbicides, or pesticide residue. 

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Step 2

PEEL THE ORANGES. Using a sharp vegetable peeler, peel just the bright orange peel off, leave the white pith behind. 

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Got Extra Oranges:

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Step 3

STUFF A JAR: no, really. Stuff a glass jar full of orange peels. As many as you can fit. 

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Step 4

FILL IT UP! Add as much vinegar as you can to the jar! close the lid and set it aside to infuse for 4-6 weeks. 

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Step 5

STRAIN IT: After the orange peels have infused the vinegar with their scent and the vinegar smells more like oranges and less like vinegar, it's time to strain it! 

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Step 6 

WATER IT DOWN! Depending on the vinegar you used, you'll need to water it down. Click the link below for the ratios. 

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Step 7

Transfer the prepared orange vinegar to your favourite spray bottle! And get cleaning!

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Step 8

BE SMART! Always test a new cleaning product in an inconspicuous area and check out where you should and shouldn't use vinegar cleaner.

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