White Claws


You deserve a refreshing drink. But, don’t just settle for any old beverage. Make your own with this easy recipe that will have you feeling satisfied in no time.

Choose Your Ingredients:

All you need is carbonated water, simple syrup, and vodka.  Make your own juice or buy 100% juice of any flavor you like!

WHICH WATER? Club soda is artificially carbonated and contains added minerals, this can affect the flavor Seltzer is also artificially carbonated but does not contain any added minerals, the flavor is more neutral. This can easily be made at home with a SodaStream or other home infusion machine. Sparkling water is naturally carbonated. Sparkling water, like club soda, has minerals in it which can affect the flavor.

If you're using real fruit, peel, slice and puree it. 

Prepare Ingredients:

Add fruit juice and vodka to cocktail glass. Stir well completely combined. 

Prepare The Base: 

Fill the glass with ice. 

Top It Off:

Finish building the homemade White Claw by filling the jar with seltzer water. 

Seltzer It: