Sourdough Bulk Fermentation Guide

Bulk fermentation is the key to achieving a sour, flavorful loaf with a moist, airy crumb. Master the art of bulk fermenting with this guide!

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What Is Bulk Fermentation?

Bulk fermentation starts as soon as all the ingredients are combined and ends when the dough is divided and shaped. This is usually the longest stage of the sourdough process.

Baking in Bulk

Bulk fermentation has several advantages – predictable fermentation patterns due to larger mass of dough  – you only need to observe a single dough versus several smaller doughs. – fewer dirty dishes.

Why Is The Bulk Important?

Bulk fermentation is responsible for the development of your sourdough's tangy flavor, the characteristic open crumb structure and texture, rise, and more. Proper fermentation is vital to a proper loaf of sourdough.

How To Tell It's Done

Properly bulk-fermented sourdough will: – have increased in volume – look and feel lighter and airier and may have visible gas bubbles –and more