Proofing Sourdough In The Fridge

Proofing sourdough in the fridge is a little-known secret that can make your sourdough baking easier and more successful.

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What Is Proofing?

Proofing refers to the rise after shaping. The shaped dough is allowed to rest and rise, allowing the yeast to create carbon dioxide gas, stretching the gluten in the dough, and trapping the gas in bubbles within the bread.

Why Proof In The Fridge?

- Dough that has been proofed in the fridge has a more complex, sourer flavor - Cold dough is much much easier to handle - You can bake that bread on your schedule, not the dough's

How To Proof In Fridge

1. Follow recipe as written 2. Shape the dough then place into a banneton 3. Cover and place in fridge  4. Preheat oven and bake straight from fridge.

How Long To Proof In Fridge?

While there is a wide range of times that your sourdough can be proofed in the fridge and there is no right or wrong answer, keep your cold retard time frame within reason.