Easy Recipe

Canned Jalapenos


Love pickled jalapeños? Then you’re going to love this easy recipe for homemade pickled jalapeños! Pickling is a great way to preserve your homegrown jalapeño peppers and enjoy them all year long.

Gather Ingredients:

You'll need fresh jalapenos, garlic cloves, sugar, salt, vinegar, and water. 

Before you begin the canning process, you'll want to sterilize your jars in your preferred method. 

Sterilize Jars:

Add water, vinegar, salt, and sugar to a large stock pot and bring to a boil. 

Build The Brine:

Meanwhile, slice jalapenos into rings.  It is a good idea to wear gloves during this process!

Prepare The Peppers:

Once the brine reaches a boil, add the sliced jalapeños and garlic and allow to rest in the hot brine for 30-60 seconds. 

Steep The Peppers:

Transfer jars to boiling water bath canner. Process for 10 minutes (+ depending on elevation).

Can It:

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